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Hello! This is the first teaser for the upcoming cyberpunk visual novel Invisible Apartment coming in June. Stay tuned!

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Here’s a poster for the upcoming release of the Invisible Apartment. Working hard on getting the story onto your tablets :)


Here’s a poster for the upcoming release of the Invisible Apartment. Working hard on getting the story onto your tablets :)

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Kungfu Cooking Girls - 2011 - 9min
Short-film by chinese indie Wolf Smoke animation studio.

If you haven’t seen this animation, see this animation

Everything Wolf Smoke puts out is amazing, their Batman of Shanghai has my favourite take of Catwoman ever. Hope to see big things from these guys in the future. 

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Citizens no longer have rights, only licences.

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neon lion

Neon Lion

KaraIsAlive wrote:

I hate to beat a dead horse but this baffles me when I think about the moral stand they’ve taken against pirates and the laws they’ve passed to prosecute pirates and then they decide they’re above not only their own laws but their own ass-backward morality too.

It baffles me no longer. Ive spent years debating, grappling with this problem.

The simple fact is; that they dont make games, that they lose.

The law is a zero sum game. Your true attackers have placed themselves well outside of the “ring” and your combat with them is futile; the judge is never on trial, the law is never on trial, the owner of the company is never on trial. But you ARE on trial. So how can it be a fair trial if you cannot face your accuser and pursue counter-accusations? Its not. Its designed for you to lose. The only way to win is to place yourself out side of the court.

Lawyers exist to provoke controversy and draw people into legal battles. Some legal battles are long, taking 5 years, the longer the better, the two lawyers dance arm in arm all the way to the bank. You can never pursue a counter claim against one of them as they are not the true guilty party. This means they are basically just hitmen for hire.

People fall into 4 categories. Predator, Herd-animal, Bully and Retaliator. These are the strategies people adopt. The bullies and predators both feed upon the herd animals, they tell them its fair and that its the law. You see, this is the ecosystem at work, humans predate other humans. But each animal has its purpose. Predators actually stop the stupid herd-animals from overpopulating. So in this aspect they are good. Bullies sometimes simply understand some logical fact that its prey does not and refuses to. The retaliator on the other hand, is the only one that sits among the herd animals peacefully, until its fed upon, then it retaliates, atleast, some of the time.

The law making in the west has been monopolized by the two political parties. Capulet and Montague. They should’nt be able to do anything against your bill of rights, but, somehow in its capacity as your representative they see fit to infringe them. A quote:

- “If the people come to believe that the government is no longer constrained by the laws then they will conclude that neither are they.” - Michael Cannon; Cato Institute, Testifying to congress on Obamas “ignoring laws”.

The law believes it has monopolized all justice. It hasnt. Everyone must follow their own sense of justice. Its inevitable. Depending on what ecosystem strategy you have evolved to be part of; Predator, Herd-animal, Bully or Retaliator, you cannot help but act that way. Each one has their own justice as what is best for it. So there cannot be one law. It’d be too easy for one group to corrupt. Virtually, any sort of evidence can be faked given enough financing. And even laws break laws.

- “Well, she knew something of my affairs. They are large, Mr Holmes - large beyond the belief of an ordinary man. I can make or break - and it is usually break. It wasnt individuals only. It was communities, cities, even nations. Business is a hard game, and the weak go to the wall. I played the game for all it was worth. I never squealed myself and i never cared if the other fellow squealed.” - one of the four types of people

The retaliator, is the one most likely to succeed. As they can actually work in either medium, peace or violence. The most important factor is remaining ready and adaptable. I believe its very much within traditional cyberpunk to be this kind of person, through instinct rather than just understanding as ive explained here. You only ever have, day to day whatever rights you can protect and defend.

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