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Ask me anything   Hi. My name is Milan Kazarka and this is my personal domain :)

This is mostly my online storage space of interesting things I find and am willing to share.

Here you can see things that I find, interesting links, videos and also photos from my life.

Art for the Art community in Bratislava & take a hike

Current situation in Bratislava when it comes to art is:

* art is made for a small circle of people are attending each other’s exhibitions

* if you try to do business with your art, then YOUR A TRAITOR “kill the witch”

* too few people try to make art NOT for the sake of doing art. And what I mean by this is that I see too many people doing art just for it to be ‘art’ and not to express something.


I had a few exhibitions in the last years, but frankly… I’m kind of tired of jerking off from having visitors or talking to people from the local art community. It didn’t bring me anywhere and I sure don’t have time to sit around at NA and drink bear all afternoon.

Go and make iPad apps, blog, engage, make YT videos, start businesses, interesting projects - that’s where your art & design actually is seen by REAL PEOPLE.

And I - however flawed this might be - think that successful art should appeal to the consumer and not only to the art critic. Long live Andy.


The mindset of OMG, I’VE GOT A NEW FOLLOWER, or OMG, I’M EXHIBITING is all flawed if this doesn’t move you forward in a reasonable way and you can’t build up on it. Or - if it’s only self contained and lives in art circles.

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How art evolved & how I grew up

I’m looking at some Hyper Realism paintings and it makes me think about the past and about how art evolved. How we’ve seen the emergence of the surreal, cubism, etc.

One thing comes to my mind - you cannot photograph your dreams. Once we were able to take pictures of our surroundings the reason why it’s needed to do realistic portraits was different than in the past. If you needed to have a portrait of someone, if you wanted to have a portrait of yourself or of some event, then it was cheaper to take a photo.

I’m not saying that art was always only a ways of how to make portraits or hyper realistic copies of real things. I’m putting things into perspective with how I grew up too. I attended art school, had several exhibitions in my life, been in the art community. Throughout my school years I’ve been taught how to most realistically copy what I’ve seen onto paper, onto the canvas, but after school what I really wanted was to express my feelings onto paper and canvas. I believe that this is one important thing that they don’t teach you in art school and that is that art is here to set you free, it’s here as a medium for you to visualise your dreams, your desires, to express yourself and not only to copy.

Many parents want their kids to be the best copy machines, make portraits, copy the scenery, anything. Many of them despise modern art, find it vulgar, say it’s inappropriate. Though there are so many elements in a young person that just want to scream and get out - in fact we all want to express ourselves.

Paintings on the wall, graffiti, piercings, tattoos are merely ways to say that we’re alive.

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I came to my parents home over the weekend - Ziar nad Hronom in Slovakia - the new graffiti kids are kind of ok - some of the works are maybe better than those in the 90’s, some are not. In any case - more colourful.

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some nice photos - don’t know where I got them

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