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Horse - head man playing on the Vienna street - Mariahilferstrasse, my Chinese lunch and Dorschleber

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Taxes in the EU

I want to cite my mom:

"rather use the money for partying and drinkin than give it to the tax man. It’s such a waste!"

I live near the presidential palace, behind the government offices in Bratislava and the shit I’ve seen would crush any hope of anyone. 

I’d rather land in jail than pay taxes in Slovakia.

I’m paying taxes in Austria and also my social security and I don’t mind. Why? Because the trains actually work, the streets are actually clean and the doctors actually do their job. I’ve encountered people clapping and thanking to the cleaning staff doing their job in the metro. They had a smile on their faces.

So it’s not about paying high taxes, but about knowing what you get for them.

If they would at least repair ten percent of BA’s infrastructure. They rather start large expensive one time projects (bridge for a hundred million, socker stadion for a hundred) than invest long term into repaiting the streets.

I’d rather not see the streets all fucked up and dirty than yet another hockey hall.


"the most well informed people anywhere are always the cab drivers, bartenders and prostitutes

so if you function in the high end hospitality industry you always know what’s gonna happen”

Milan Kazarka

— 9 months ago
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Austrian military clean up. 

I’ve seen some old tanks and stuff on the railroad today.

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thank you OEBB for giving out these things in the trains yesterday ;_;

thank you OEBB for giving out these things in the trains yesterday ;_;

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My city - Vienna
I shot this.

My city - Vienna

I shot this.

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Austria, Danube

So it seems that I’m living at the Danube..

And I’m in Austria.

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Vienna and some IPTV things in the GernGross shop

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Ridiculous society #2

I would like to reflect on the last year and the people I knew in Vienna Austria. 

I’ve known some people whom I seriously believe that are underdeveloped or which have a strange perception of social interaction. When I came to Vienna I started living at a friend Ihsan. He’s a smart young student who works and overall tries to be successful. He’s got some positions at the local university and he does what he can.

After a month or two his brother arrived to live with us. 

He is Ihsan’s younger brother who didn’t speak German nor English at the time of his arrival and to my standards still doesn’t. He was accepted to the local university, which I only vaguely understand and someone found him a job to teach young kids Arabic. After being kicked out of this job he tried several other things unsuccessfully. After some time you could only see him sitting on the sofa in his shirt doing nothing or endlessly chatting on Facebook. I really never ever known anyone else who would use this social network more than these people.

After some time the boys have been given ‘jobs’ and a computer to search for hotels and send them offers. This folks is how spam is created. Find some guys who can’t do anything, give them an older PC and let them send emails without even thinking.

This do-nothing, be grumpy at Milan & call me brother - kind of mentality was a culture shock after I came from Oregon.

Living here served it’s purpose, but now I’m moving again to my own apartment. What I learned is that some people don’t have any ambitions whatsoever other than facebook, video games and sleep.

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The old guy in the Opera was right

Some time ago I went to a ballet piece. It was about two years ago and was a compilation of a couple of freestyle pieces from some interesting artists. I liked that, because they could I believe better express themselves as if they would have a predefined script and would need to stand up to the specific expectations of the audience. If you’re going to the Swan Lake, then people simply expect the Swan Lake.

I sat on the balcony right next to a Korean girl, who didn’t want to bend over to see the performance and so she was left out of the whole thing. She gotten sleepy after ten minutes after start and she almost kipped off her seat and landed on the floor. When klapping her hands didn’t touch and she was overall acting like a statue. She left during the first break.

There was an old Viennese guy sitting infront of me. He was over eighty if I recall correctly. During the break he asked me where I was from and what I was doing in Vienna. I told him that I was a developer and that I like the city, it’s culture and also the people.

He gave me a priceless look. The look of someone who couldn’t believe his ears. “You think people here are good?” he asked me. I think they’re terrible. “They have a terrible attitude and they behave badly to each other” he added. I thought that it’s just the attitude of someone who’s lived through war and all the conflicts between people at that time.

I come from Slovakia and no one would admit that he was a communist now. The back stabbing people are the most silent. Everyone is against the right wing extremists now. Everyone hates the nazis now. 

It’s this attitude of not admitting that we did something wrong and that we were the participants that makes us repeat history. That makes us look silly to the history books. The communists, the nazis, all the same. Brainwashing, guns, indoctrinating children.

But back to the Viennese Opera.

In the last years I’ve visited many cities and lived in four countries and I now know what the old guy was talking about. I have nothing against Vienna in general, but there is a large concentration of narcissists, elitists and people who you just can’t trust. Too many times did it happen to me here that people are too cold, that they treat you as property. I don’t blame the whole nation, I don’t blame the genes. I blame the environment, the schools, the parents, the mindset in which so many Austrians grow up and the specifics they cary in their heads.


A bad mindset:

If you lie to get what you want, it’s ok.

We’re better than anyone else.

Foreign influence is bad.

The social system is great. You all like paying 50% of your wage to the government.

If someone does a crime, the first thing to mention is where they come from. It’s the most important thing ever.

Smile even if you don’t mean it so.

Foreigners are the working class. Mozart is better on chocolate balls than in your ears.


Me myself I don’t like paying half of my income to the government. I don’t like the all seeing eye of the nanny state. I am someone who believes in innovation and that one needs to have an overview of the world.

To be honest I believe that in Bratislava you are able to get a better non partisan overview of international events and happenings than in Vienna. This is because they’re non selective and don’t bash foreign affairs than they do here.

Too many people are brainwashed again and I fear that they already have too much power.

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Moedling Austria - very nice town

Moedling Austria - very nice town

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EU is not the US & why all the bailouts

EU is not the US. In the US I believe it’s not such a big problem that one state is richer than another. People can freely travel, they can open up a bank account in Atlanta even though they come from New York. People from California don’t discriminate the ones in Texas and if you have a low wage and you don’t like living in your city, then you just move.

It’s not the same here in the EU.

The big problems that we now have with the bailouts, the attitude building up in Germany or also in Austria and other rich countries towards bailouts is that they are helping lazy people from the south who lived beyond their means. Indeed the bailouts aren’t helping Europe at all, because they create a certain xenophobia inside of the mass population. And this is definitely not something we need.

The German, the French, the Austrian politicians will try hard to win the hearts of the voters, which is logical. And the voter thinks that the ‘foreigners are getting all their money’. So to appeal to them more they will add restrictions, further separate ‘us’ with ‘them’ and actually not integrating the countries of Europe, but breaking them up.
In Vienna the word integration means in the eyes of the locals that people coming here from abroad need to accept this culture and embrace it. I believe that the US became so successful not because people were limited by expressing themselves, but because so many people from so many countries came there to form something that I think was closer to a ‘philosophy of freedom & cooperation’ than a country. Europeans are in many cases too stubborn to accept that they can benefit from their neighbors. That they can benefit from foreign influences.

Moving from Prague to Berlin, moving from Bratislava to London is different than moving from New Jersey to Austin.

Everyone living in a rented apartment with a stranger at first needs to figure out that if they want to get along the right way is to respect each other rather than try to shape the other one. If you have mutual interests, then share them. If you have some incompatible interest, then expand it without disturbing the others. This is a golden rule if you want to get along with others.

I wish that all nations would treat themselves as Czechs and Slovaks do. Although we have historical differences we share very similar languages and we formed a two nation states two times in the past. We never fought between each other and we separated in 1993 in a rather bureaucratic way.

If there would be no xenophobia in Europe, then nobody would see the Greeks as lazy guys lying in the sun. But I see that this attitude is everywhere.
Some say that interest groups used out Greece, that Germany is benefiting, that it’s all just a game and that the normal people are just figures on a chess board.
Maybe and maybe not. In the long run what matters is that we all need to start respecting each others cultural differences. I lost faith in that this will go fast after I started living in the western part of Europe, since I see that xenophobia is deeply routed in so many people. As a foreigner you need to go through a lot of comments on your behalf.

I imagine an Austria, Germany and a UK where everyone is equal.
I imagine a world where moving from Prague to Berlin, moving from Bratislava to London would be as easy as moving from New Jersey to Austin.

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