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Japanese Lolita / Harajuku Girl in Bratislava

I’ve 100% seen a Japanese girl dressed like a lolitta in Bratislava today.

1. you can recognise an Asian girl in Slovakia… you can

2. dressed like a lolita + tan, brown hair, ‘eyes’, short

3. minus temperatures outside?

What’s going on..

— 3 months ago
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I encountered this chubby mouse on my way to the train today o_o

— 7 months ago
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* parliament is only 15 minutes away

oh I would so much like to throw some eggs…

I kind of live in the centre and the parliament is only 15 minutes away by foot..

Reason being that the current administration is buying the majority stock in the gas transport and distribution company knowing that they will be making a loss - years after they signed a bad deal with the Russians “what kind  deal with the russians can be right?”.

Why can’t we just have a couple of painful reforms.. I’d rather have that than unnecessary payments and tax increases for things I don’t use or need or am not responsible for.

I fucking know where this is heading - I know very well..

The entrepreneurs, the small businesses will pay again o_o

As they did in the past and they will in the future..

— 7 months ago
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Zneuzivanie deti

dnes - vidim chlapika ako v Bratislave hovori malemu synovi:

"Bolsevici to su zlodeji, co nas okradaju"

"Bolsevici su zlodeji"

ja: a ty si kokot

kks… vymyvanie mozgu deti…

— 7 months ago
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old town & castle & ‘reconstruction’

— 7 months ago with 1 note
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Where I live.

— 7 months ago
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{ Prague }

So sad I wasn’t there when Mads was shooting the movie ‘Prague’ :(.

He was in Bratislava too, shooting “Move on”. If I knew I would be there, stalking THE HELL out of him xD

I didn’t know who he was at the time so my only response to the TV add was “Who the Hell is that?” lol… ah well, I always miss actors when they come here.

— 7 months ago with 8420 notes
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