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No limitations in design

It happened to me some time ago, that I and a friend of mine had to design an interactive kiosk for a bank. I wanted it to be cheap and easy to produce and made a design for under a thousand euros. It wasn’t very sleek, but it was functional. My friend Michael didn’t look at the costs and designed a kiosk for about six thousand euros. His design won, but never got produced, because of the high price.

So what’s better? To create something that is unique, but never practical or something that is practical, but not unique? I believe we should have chosen the middle path in designing something that would have been affordable, but still in top design.

In the end I don’t know who won, but I do feel that I have been too much fixated on the price. Michael maybe thinks that he should sometimes think of it, or maybe not and his goal is to only create the best designs without thinking of the price.

The situation made me think of the golden ratio in design.

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