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Milan Kazarka

Ask me anything   Hi. My name is Milan Kazarka and this is my personal domain :)

This is mostly my online storage space of interesting things I find and am willing to share.

Here you can see things that I find, interesting links, videos and also photos from my life.

I like to mess with food a bit.

I like to mess with food a bit.

— 11 months ago
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A special way I’ve developed to make eggs.

A special way I’ve developed to make eggs.

— 11 months ago
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Vegan for the last few months

I’m starting to evaluate the effects that my decision to become vegan has had on my health and overall well being.

I have a feeling that I still haven’t really started living on a healthy diet. I don’t eat meat, don’t drink milk, don’t eat eggs, but I probably don’t eat all the supplements, vitamins and healthy stuff as much as I should. This is maybe because I don’t have enough infrastructure or time in my life I guess. You see for people it’s easier to just grab a burger or a kebab on the street and eat it. When you’re a vegan you try to eat smarter and you select what you buy more than when you’re not vegan.

I hope to have better infrastructure in my life in the next few months, more space and time for me to cook again and overall more time for myself.

Overall I feel better. My decision of becoming vegan was partly because of the animals and party because of my health.

— 1 year ago with 1 note
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