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How art evolved & how I grew up

I’m looking at some Hyper Realism paintings and it makes me think about the past and about how art evolved. How we’ve seen the emergence of the surreal, cubism, etc.

One thing comes to my mind - you cannot photograph your dreams. Once we were able to take pictures of our surroundings the reason why it’s needed to do realistic portraits was different than in the past. If you needed to have a portrait of someone, if you wanted to have a portrait of yourself or of some event, then it was cheaper to take a photo.

I’m not saying that art was always only a ways of how to make portraits or hyper realistic copies of real things. I’m putting things into perspective with how I grew up too. I attended art school, had several exhibitions in my life, been in the art community. Throughout my school years I’ve been taught how to most realistically copy what I’ve seen onto paper, onto the canvas, but after school what I really wanted was to express my feelings onto paper and canvas. I believe that this is one important thing that they don’t teach you in art school and that is that art is here to set you free, it’s here as a medium for you to visualise your dreams, your desires, to express yourself and not only to copy.

Many parents want their kids to be the best copy machines, make portraits, copy the scenery, anything. Many of them despise modern art, find it vulgar, say it’s inappropriate. Though there are so many elements in a young person that just want to scream and get out - in fact we all want to express ourselves.

Paintings on the wall, graffiti, piercings, tattoos are merely ways to say that we’re alive.

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Ode to my dreams

Why is it that you envision angels? Why is it that you envision separating from the ground, loosing yourself from gravity and loosing sight of Earth?

Why is it that things change in an instance and that the strangest beings hide behind every door?

You are the fastest in your eyes. The one that understands and travels through time. Changes, morphs into angels, demons and monsters. You are the one with answers and the one who travels and finds new lands with pure sands.

She always smiles at you. She is there in your dreams and you find every love you had before in her. She always turns around and makes you question each World at some mornings.


— 1 year ago
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