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Human nature isn’t agressive

I believe that deep down every human is nice and loving. What makes us human has something to do with being mammals in that we have in the beginning a close tie to our mother. Drinking her milk, she giving it to us, caring about us and teaching us how to perceive the world. Love is the beginning of all humanity. Then what makes us human is that we can choose to not hurt something or someone even if it sometimes isn’t in our best interest. Many times we choose to help another person even if it means party dismissing on our well being. We like to make others happy.

So how is it that so many people kill? How is it that humans are able to go to war? How is it that some are serial killers or mass murderers?

Hurting someone or killing someone can come in two ways.

The first is a bug in our software. Malfunction in someones perception of reality. A twisted mind. Created through extreme pain in the childhood, through chemicals, through abuse, brainwashing disillusion. This is how people like Breivik or Hitler came to be.

The second way to kill is when you connect to your reptile instincts. Your reptile part of your brain and you become an animal on purpose. You kill in battle. You know that you are killing humans just like you at first, but you soon turn this feeling off. You need to become a reptile without a memory. A lion kills for food, you follow orders. You turn off the essence of what makes you human. Empathy.

Without either being mentally different or switching off the part that makes you human you are not able to hurt or kill, since it would go against what makes us humans or even against what makes us mammals.

War is in fact the most unnatural thing there is. War is the most inhuman way of solving problems. War promoted by bureaucrats, by technocrats is the most synthetic perversion there is. Pushing your agenda forward by wanting other people to kill. To turn off the part that makes them human.

Why do people choose to join the military? Why do people choose to fight? Why do some control many through force and why do the masses many times worship dictators?

From time to time people need to perform a hygiene of their soul. Look at how they are living and look at their values from a distance and ask themselves if everything is OK, or not. It’s the same with art and design. You design something on Monday, but best practice says that you need to take one day off and look at what you did on Wednesday. If it’s still OK, then it’s OK. If not, then remake it.

Following a path only because you were following it up until now isn’t the right attitude. Everything can change from one day to another. Everyone can change.

— 1 year ago
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