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The heroes & you are what you envision

I’ve always idealized the Bruce Willis kind of heroes wearing a sweaty blood covered shirt saving the day. Living in harsh conditions always knowing in which direction to shoot. I never envisioned to be the millionaire driving around in his expensive car with a nice wife and a kid at home 

I always envisioned to be the Indiana Jones. And here I am. I lived and worked in four countries of the world, traveled a lot, seen places, met interesting people, had my ups and downs. I helped businesses get money, did entrepreneurship, loved, hated and overall risked a lot.

It is the life I envisioned and which I wanted that I’m now living. And I wouldn’t exchange it for anything else. In fact I would probably go crazy if I would to settle down now and be a good husband and a caring father. I simply know that I can’t do that now and I don’t want to make anyones life miserable by pretending.

I’m the person who sometimes sleeps in the office, who writes, attends high end meetings, appeared in the news, does art exhibitions, creates open source and doesn’t shit his pants when in extreme situations. I can imagine that a life with me would be hard for any woman, so I’m not lying to anyone that my ideals are something else.

I’ve become what I always wanted.

— 1 year ago
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