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Milan Kazarka

Ask me anything   Hi. My name is Milan Kazarka and this is my personal domain :)

This is mostly my online storage space of interesting things I find and am willing to share.

Here you can see things that I find, interesting links, videos and also photos from my life.

* O moci

Vsetko je o sexe

okrem sexu

sex je o moci

— 6 months ago
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To build up power:

* work on making others fulfil your agenda

* for those that want you to fulfil their agenda create the illusion that you’re doing just what they want

* fulfil as little agenda of others as possible

— 7 months ago
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My style. Space, future, chicks with power & energy.

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Monarchy of little ambition

A monarchy and actually any repressive regime, communism and a corrupt western democracy can only exist if there is a mass of people who given up on their dreams and the only thing they want is get a few hours of sleep every day.

Get a few hours of sleep. Get a little food in their tummy. Get a little sunshine. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ignore the boot stepping on their faces. Ignore the ridicule. Ignore the discrimination and the laughter.

Put your head down and say the young generation that they shouldn’t fight. That they should get used to endless hours in the kitchen. Bored at the table. Killing time.

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Train & Power of your will


Yesterday our train heading to Slovakia sharply slowed down.

We were standing on that place for about 15 minutes. Man told us through the speaker that we are waiting for the police.

People didn’t see anything, but everyone was talking that someone was on the tracks and that the train hit someone or something.


Power of your will

I see that whenever I force something on myself, it’s not as successful as something that comes naturally. You may sometimes say to yourself that ‘I need to do this or that, which is unnatural for me and I actually don’t want to do it, but still, it’s needed’ and you wonder why you failed.

Working in a dysfunctional office environment, going to school you hate or doing things you dislike just to make money makes you miserable and in fact the things you do often fail or never take off the ground.

Whenever you do something with passion and with enthusiasm, it sets off.

Don’t mistaken the ‘Power of your will’ with persuading yourself to do something for immoral or simply bad reasons. Just because you did something against all your instincts doesn’t mean that you are strong.

It is natural to eliminate the things you hate in your life. To walk away from pain and suppression. How can tyranny, mocking, bullying yourself by others or by yourself ever make you more productive and satisfied.

Power of your will means listening to the thoughts that are most natural to you and in realizing them.

— 1 year ago
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