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Quality of hospitality in Slovakia

In Central Slovakia in my home town the rental for a space for a restaurant is under one thousand euro per month. I know one owner that pays tree hundred euro for space that can serve thirty people at a time.

In Bratislava I know restaurants that can serve twenty people at a time and pay three thousand euro a month for rent.

The difference in the price of the pizza is fifty cent! In Bratislava it’s fifty cent more expensive.

In Ziar the restaurant owners buy themselves expensive cars, the waitresses are always bitchy and they simply know that the people in the town don’t have any choice, so they simply eat crap.

In Bratislava if you don’t compete and don’t bring quality for a reasonable price then you go down. Except for the high street. On the high street on the Michalska you always have customers, because there are a lot of tourists. Imagine. You get a customer and you don’t need to worry that he doesn’t come back! Off course he doesn’t! He goes back to Korea or the UK in two days!

On the high street in Bratislava there is an Irish pub!

Fuck me! If I’d come from Watford or Manchester or whatever and if I’d come to Bratislava then the very last thing I’d like to see is a fucking pub!

And what’s around the corner?

A sweets shop, cakes in a setting where you have Sisi on the wall. Sacher’s cake and Mozart? If I’d come from Vienna “I actually live in Vienna, but I’m Slovak and I’m traveling a lot to Bratislava” then the last thing I want to see is Sisi!

No wonder we’re a fucking joke when it comes to dining!

No Michelin star in Bratislava? Well I’m fucking amazed!

I’ve went to a restaurant two days ago. The former Metropol Russian restaurant. It’s been on the second floor and to be honest served more as a money wash “yea, everyone knows”, but the food was good.

Now I come there and I see Chinese interior and this small crap like pots with Chinese signs. The owner serves organic food. No advertisement at the front. 12:30 during lunch time on the oposite of a hospital on the “American square” right next to a busy tram stop and no customers.

Ding dong.

Who is it?


Reality tells you that you’re loosing 50k a year on this place.

Now I violently want to murder 50% of all Slovak restaurant owners.

To all you Brits, Americans, Austrians - do not go on the main streets / high street in Bratislava to eat local food. Forget the Michalska street. Go to the Hviezdoslavovo square. Further more - pommels isn’t Slovak food. When you see a restaurant with a sign “Slovak restaurant” and you see images of food in the front with chips, then please run away!

And please. I really beg you.

Tell the owners. Tell the waiters if something is fucked up. Give all food you don’t liek back. Don’t pay if it’s disgusting. Otherwise what’s gonna change?

What’s Slovak food?

Search for food with poppy seeds. Search for food with cheese, not Eidam, sheep cheese. Search for dumplings, or since many people don’t like them search for “Brindzove pirohy”. I’m attaching an image of them.

If you didn’t have food that looked something like this, then you’ve wasted your jurney.

If you had someone guide you, then they’re an idiot.

I seriously do not know what happened to Downtown Backpackers, but the food is now rubbish and it was great just two years ago.

It’s standard crap now.

Renato’s Primo Amore is still great - the only Pizzeria I go to in Bratislava. He’s from Napoli the guy!

Paparazzi - I remember that there was some more “extras” - some more innovation a few months ago. When I ordered lasagne then there was this… difference. Roasted zucchini placed on top of the lasagne was the kind of difference I wanted. Now it’s gone.

The Lemon Tree’s service wasn’t what I wanted.

What I really like is the revitalised beer brewery / restaurant Staromestiansky pivovar on the Dunajska street. I like the beer. You can’t see through it. Real low volume brewery. Bitter. Nice flavour.

Go there!

Are you offered a drive on one of those red old looking train kind of mini busses? Tour through the town? Don’t do it! Waste of time. Just get lost in the city. It’s small.

I’m always taking a piss out of tourist in those horribly awkward looking red mini busses.

What is authentic on that. What? If you believe that this is how people in Bratislava got transported a century ago, then your out of order.

It’s some kind of twisted minds invention to just make a fucking engine of a Skoda Octavia look like a red tin can.

To half of the Slovak restaurant owners:

"Go buy another fucking BMW and forget the quality if you don’t care about the image of your town or country! I’m sick of you!

You might have aswel open a brothel! The end result would be the same! The girls might at least tried to seduce a Michelin star out of someone!

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Oben bar restaurant Wien

Oben bar restaurant Wien

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A touch table by Simple Media Platform
It runs Linux and our own simple interactive software suite.

A touch table by Simple Media Platform

It runs Linux and our own simple interactive software suite.

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