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Ask me anything   Hi. My name is Milan Kazarka and this is my personal domain :)

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Ridiculous society

After years of wearing suits and expensive Italian shoes I realized that the notion that you are somehow better off, that you show that you are better off by buying stuff is rubbish. I actually felt better living on half the money in my little studio in Bratislava. In that small sleepy capital, one of the smallest in Europe. Meeting my religious neighbor and meeting a film crew doing a scene on our street because it was so old. It was an old street.

Hurry up! It’s a Maserati! ‘J’ says that you may stink like an old ejaculation, be bold and have a pot belly, but if you have a Maserati the girls will drop panties instantly like if they’d be doing karate! Hu-Ha!

Hurry up! Buy that flat! Go to that party and drink those beers! Multiply your pay with months and months with years. Divide it by a nice car, a nice house. Think that by 30 you will have a family! Buy that new TV! Now!

Michele says that she doesn’t like artists. That her mom says that artists are good for nothing. That I should act more normal. That I should make a driving license. Michele is thin. That I should cut my hair. I love her. That I shouldn’t go to Prague and leave her. That I should find a stable job and not experiment with my life. I like how she smells even if we’re not sleeping together anymore.

I heard a story about a Jewish girl escaping the Nazis. She was very hungry. She was offered pork by a villager, but she refused. Why? Because she thought. What is my life worth if I loose all my values? What am I saving then?

Once I met a woman who I didn’t know if I should kiss or kill. She cost me a year of my life. She cost me my business, made me delusional, but also made me tough. I’ve brought her to the UK, given her a job, saved her from the court. I left UK afterwards, she had what she wanted.

Figure out that you’re cut from a girl, not from your parents. Let your mom give you a ring from your Italian grand-grand father that’s been passed for generations when you’re 25. Make a world famous design. Find young entrepreneurs and help them run a business. Get into designer magazines. Get your art exhibited. Sleep in front of the LCD screen.

Live your life as if it would be a dream.

— 1 year ago
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