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Japanese Lolita / Harajuku Girl in Bratislava

I’ve 100% seen a Japanese girl dressed like a lolitta in Bratislava today.

1. you can recognise an Asian girl in Slovakia… you can

2. dressed like a lolita + tan, brown hair, ‘eyes’, short

3. minus temperatures outside?

What’s going on..

— 3 months ago
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Note to myself:

Don’t take the shortcut near to the governmental offices when there is a march of right wing extremists.

"explains why there were cops in the alley down my street and why there were 3 white vans without windows with guys wearing black masks driving them going down my street."

The two minutes won by the shortcut aren’t wort it.

Yes, I live near to where all the protests, demonstrations take place, so I should be used to it. I just didn’t know that something was happening until I’ve seen it & heard some light explosives in the distance.

— 5 months ago
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I totally grew up in a city surrounded by hills / mountains with insane green scenery.

It might actually be cool to glide down from the hills on some kind of flying thingie @_@ Some people do that..

— 6 months ago with 2 notes
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* parliament is only 15 minutes away

oh I would so much like to throw some eggs…

I kind of live in the centre and the parliament is only 15 minutes away by foot..

Reason being that the current administration is buying the majority stock in the gas transport and distribution company knowing that they will be making a loss - years after they signed a bad deal with the Russians “what kind ¬†deal with the russians can be right?”.

Why can’t we just have a couple of painful reforms.. I’d rather have that than unnecessary payments and tax increases for things I don’t use or need or am not responsible for.

I fucking know where this is heading - I know very well..

The entrepreneurs, the small businesses will pay again o_o

As they did in the past and they will in the future..

— 7 months ago
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Blond dye in a country with a Christian cross in it’s flag

1. Slovakia was a nazi ally - it actually payed Germans to export the jews from this country

2. Slovakia has a christian symbol in it’s flag

3. my grandpa’s bees and rabbits were killed many years ago - probably as an expression of openness and friendship

4. I come from the only city that’s had an intervention cause some idiots put to flame a gipsy boy

5. many gipsies live in reservations

6. the only standing / largest jewish synagogue was destroyed to build a bridge - done by the communists

But there are nice people living here…. (George Carlin kind of smile)


Walk around in the capital of this country with a blond dye, looking all individualistic.

People literally yell at me from the cars.

I lived in Watford, Prague, Berlin, Vienna - actually I’m in Vienna almost everyday and Slovakia is the most xenophobic country I know. Nothing compares to this shit. I’ve been to the US, Netherlands and such, but this is just beyond belief.

I never felt ‘anger’ in the air - just in this city. People are in general grumpy and angry and want to slit your throat for any reason.

Yea - as if I eat living, screaming babies cause of my hair. I sure as hell must be a bad person.

— 7 months ago with 1 note
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