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Prosi Vienna Veg Thali

Prosi Vienna Veg Thali

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Egyptians in Vienna protest - my window on Mariahilferstrasse

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Horse - head man playing on the Vienna street - Mariahilferstrasse, my Chinese lunch and Dorschleber

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Apartment Building Gasometer B | COOP HIMMELB(L)AU

The four historical Gasometers originally housed the tanks for the gas supply of Vienna. After the closure of these Gasometers the interior elements were dismantled, leaving the classical facades. The specific location of these Gasometers within an industrial site as well as the unusual character of the resulting spaces led to the Gasometers often being used for diverse cultural activities.

The location of the project presents a special opportunity to develop the urban fabric of Vienna by means of various alterations of the transportation system, such as the extension of the U3 subway and the construction of the North-East Highway

In addition to COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, three other architectural teams are working out new living opportunities to be realized in the remaining Gasometers. An Entertainment Center and Shopping Mall are also integrated into the complex, making it into a new city center.

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I’m traveling pass this everyday - sometimes (twice a Month I go to the Gasometer). Every Friday the Manga shop there is open and you see guys and girls with cat ears and such. Great music shop and shirt shop is there too - the Klangfarbe

There is also one of those places there where they paint these small figures and play cards… how’s that called o_o

Gasometer is totally a geeky place.

This is what I see everyday.

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Porsche in Vienna on the Mariahilferstrasse

Porsche in Vienna on the Mariahilferstrasse

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Wien - Museumsquartier

Wien - Museumsquartier

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Vienna - dirty box

Vienna - dirty box

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Viennese Coffee - Melange. 

More expensive than heroin. Makes you feel old too.

Viennese Coffee - Melange. 

More expensive than heroin. Makes you feel old too.

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Bratislava, Prague and Vienna & Japan

I’ve lived in all these cities. In a way I’m more a Central European than anything else.

What I don’t understand is that Bratislava is always trying to look like the mini Prague or the micro Vienna. It’s always trying to play on the cultural note of being part of the national history and that the national history are these old buildings with the statues, the palaces and such.

I have a large problem with this, because the capital - Bratislava wasn’t at all Slovak, but rather German or Hungarian. The problem is that we’re destroying what’s left of the old traditional culture - the simplicity, the colours, the old folk costumes and are trying to present ourselves through this different culture that’s simply been left behind by foreign empires.

Our culture isn’t about fancy palaces in central Bratislava - these were the houses of rich Austrian or Hungarian folks and have nothing to do with our authentic history.

More authentic would be an old guy taking care of his sheep smoking a pipe somewhere on a hill.

Many people, mostly young Bratislavians are adapting the notion and are trying to show themselves through a non-existant past. A past filled with kings, princesses and palaces, but this is all fake.

Yes - the tourists who visit Bratislava are presented with a history that mostly isn’t ours. Or maybe only partially. It’s the adapted history. History which was left behind.

Once you travel outside of the centre of the capital - just a mile away - the rest of the country, which is 99% of what’s there doesn’t have anything to do with the history that’s being presented.


The Japanese or Finish people aren’t ashamed to present their folk art, their Real past. The Kimonos, the old wooden homes with traditional roofs, the colourful patterns.

We - in Slovakia despise this. We destroy it. Don’t value it at all.

There was a craze a few years ago in making apartment blocks in Central Slovakia “warmer” - they had these beautiful patterns - every entrance had a pattern, the houses had these traditional patterns.

Fuck that, let’s just put the isolation over those. Who cares what are past was, right?

The Finish:

The Japanese:

and the Slovak:

- usually just destroying culture. People only give a fuck once it starts burning.

In any case - what’s the real history isn’t the old buildings of old town Bratislava, but this:

or this:


So why does everyone involved try to make BA the mini Prague or the micro Vienna?

Why should once again be the identity searched someplace else and the actual cultural identity dismissed?

I just don’t understand why we always hide the folk art, the simplicity of the old people behind the foreign left-over palaces and other fetishes.

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