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Late night mail

Sometimes you get a mail from your superiors that they’ve sent you an sms on Sunday and that it’s a shame that you didn’t reply. Maybe you don’t use that number for some time and maybe you’re always available over email in the year 2012.

Maybe they’ll tell you that they need something to be done until Monday morning and maybe you’d rather give your resignation the next morning.

Just maybe.

— 1 year ago
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Time doesn’t matter & sleep deprivation

It doesn’t really matter how much time you have for a certain thing. All that matters is how well you use it. I figurred that I can achieve more in one tenth of time if I arrange things better.

In general it’s better to sleep as much as you need. Sleep deprivation only makes you unproductive and the tasks you need to achieve a particular goal need more and more of your energy. One hour of work when you are fully concentrated may indeed be more valuable than five hours when you are sleepy.

Remember that no one can force you to do something if you don’t want to do it. If someone tries to force you to do something even if you are on the brink of a burn out or are simply tired and sleepy, then remember that you can always walk away and define your own reality that suits yourself.

Once I had a talk with a friend in Vienna. We talked about business, but also about how to best arrange your life and how to be successful and not go mad. My theory is that it’s better to spend time on design of your time, on planning things and on allocating time for you to be able to be creative than to work more than what your body can handle. I don’t mean that you need to over-plan and paralyse yourself with too much bullet points, but the truth is that if you’re good in something then it doesn’t necessarily mean that with more time you achieve your goals faster. It may even mean that you waste more time, that you get less sleep and that you go through mini burn outs often.

Take time to relax, to be creative and to work the way you are most productive. You achieve your goals faster. 

— 1 year ago with 2 notes
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