Milan Kazarka

Hello dear visitor. Here you can find a small selection of some of the projects I worked on throughout the years.


Risewolves is a trading platform I worked on in an international team spread across Singapore, Bali, Slovakia and Canada.

I was responsible for the product management from the very inception and oversaw the initial planning of the product, the objectives of the company, preparation of the business plan, pitch deck and attending various accelerators which the company attended.

Invisible Apartment Series

Invisible Apartment is a cyberpunk visual novel series I produced between 2014 and 2016 that got initially released for the iPad on Apple's app store here.

I developed the core of the visual novels as a cross platform C/C++ graphics agnostic game engine which is now available on GitHub as part of vnplayer which is a cross platform port of my original engine.

Failing Unicorn

Failing Unicorn is an Amazon-published concatenation of my experiences in the startup world. I write about toxic personas and misconceptions found in the startup community. Feel free to read if you're a founder, investor or overall a startup veteran.


This unique piece of design was designed by myself and manufactured in Slovakia. I co-owned the design patent with my manufacturing partner.

We produced a version which boasted an interactive screen and was in the category of "touch tables" such as Microsoft's Surface.

I still own two pieces from the initial batch.